Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Patient!

with all the happiness i can I'm asking you to be patient: pirates' island WIP will be available in a few days.
Of course i can't say that i haven't worked hard on that, I've just finished the harbour, settled all the piers. And I've spread the water all above the 3 panels(including the harbour).
Sicily summer 2011 or Pirates?

Are you asking why am i doing late? i haven't shot the photos! yesterday evening my  wife took me to an event " Stolen Kisses and  amorous passions".

It was a very amusing night in which the audience and the speakers interacted with each others to find out the multiple variations that both contemporary and ancient artists had specified. 

And obviously an evening with such a pleasant introduction like that had to last as much as possible!

I hope was an Happy Valentine's day for You: no more puppies! Get out and you'll find inspiration

Friday, December 30, 2011

Contest Manor House: The Barican

Well, my work proceeds for the contest (Go to W.I.P.)

Among other things I've said, but the final date for delivery of the works is March 1.Time is short, I think I'm on track even though I confess that they are slowed by the lack of clear ideas on some key points.

The experience, however, is very satisfactory from a modeling point of view, and that's what counts right?

I hope that the WIP (click to see it!) Is interesting, as always, any comments /feedback is welcome!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein

I just want to bully myself with  my  customised Google toolbar.

Let’s be honest: we model, we look for the  modelling technic at Materclass, and then?
Haven’t you ever felt that, in spite of what we are able to do, most of the times we lack of the sparkling light which could lead us to the hearts of the observers?
I have.
Every time that someone, an outsider of the modelling world, looks at my works and asks: “… But… why…?”, and he/she goes on with the strangest questions, I think that my work hasn’t  touched the observer’s heart.
It is true that only a well trained eye can understand and evaluate our models; on the other hand, I think that we have to go over the “Mannerism” and go straight for a message.
I help myself by looking at artistic works, that I find in this fantastic blog: Roba da disegnatori

the original logo of Roba da Disegnatori

The blog is always very nice and updated by three professionals in the industry, certainly competent, very passionate.
Often there are interviews (made ​​from them!) To prominent leaders among illustratorsand many times "retrospective" on the great history of illustration.
Obviously, these designers, I would like to have the technique! Equally, and perhapsmore, their imagination!

Meanwhile, I enjoy the show! Do you too!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Manorhouse Contest: The Castle

Well, I talked about ideas, we turn now to the "laboratory".

Lately I can not give continuity to the gameI can hand to carve into spaces of pure creation. The most interesting opportunity that presented itself to me was the contest held by Manorhouse  of Lorenzo Marchetto (Manorhouse blog)

On the site of the Minimondi di Capochino a contest was held with the subject  construction set "the castle"

the original photo Manorhouse
WellI rolled up my sleeves and started to put everything together. Rather laborious task, considering that the pieces are made with a special resin, very hard. Not bad: the excellent quality of the "scenic" element is useful to gain experience!

The first find it here Work in ProgressCastle Manorhouse Wip


At last!
There are things you feel you must do, but you do not feel confident enough. A blog, for me, is exactly the kind of thing.

in my spare time I mess with colors, plaster, resins, silicone rubbers. A hobby like any other, perhaps more creative than others, often more expensive. Certainly the miniatures worlds are fantastic: I can not remember the first time I imagined a world in miniature, with plastic soldiers in scale 1 / 72 (my favourite).

Much of what I can do, almost everything, I've learned from experience. Not only mine, often of others. And then, in a way that just a "patent" to stop the ideas, I want to take away the exclusivity, I want to contribute, even repeating the experience of others, in order to let ideas circulate.

Too grandiose for a geek / blogger with pretensions to model? Maybe! Meanwhile, many experiences are gained from areas totally different from each other (about the circulation of ideas!). And then, I cannot tell you about Java, Android and monetary policy ... I know nothing about this!

p.s. this blog is the English version of fakotofaktory