Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Manorhouse Contest: The Castle

Well, I talked about ideas, we turn now to the "laboratory".

Lately I can not give continuity to the gameI can hand to carve into spaces of pure creation. The most interesting opportunity that presented itself to me was the contest held by Manorhouse  of Lorenzo Marchetto (Manorhouse blog)

On the site of the Minimondi di Capochino a contest was held with the subject  construction set "the castle"

the original photo Manorhouse
WellI rolled up my sleeves and started to put everything together. Rather laborious task, considering that the pieces are made with a special resin, very hard. Not bad: the excellent quality of the "scenic" element is useful to gain experience!

The first find it here Work in ProgressCastle Manorhouse Wip

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