Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Patient!

with all the happiness i can I'm asking you to be patient: pirates' island WIP will be available in a few days.
Of course i can't say that i haven't worked hard on that, I've just finished the harbour, settled all the piers. And I've spread the water all above the 3 panels(including the harbour).
Sicily summer 2011 or Pirates?

Are you asking why am i doing late? i haven't shot the photos! yesterday evening my  wife took me to an event " Stolen Kisses and  amorous passions".

It was a very amusing night in which the audience and the speakers interacted with each others to find out the multiple variations that both contemporary and ancient artists had specified. 

And obviously an evening with such a pleasant introduction like that had to last as much as possible!

I hope was an Happy Valentine's day for You: no more puppies! Get out and you'll find inspiration