Wednesday, December 28, 2011


At last!
There are things you feel you must do, but you do not feel confident enough. A blog, for me, is exactly the kind of thing.

in my spare time I mess with colors, plaster, resins, silicone rubbers. A hobby like any other, perhaps more creative than others, often more expensive. Certainly the miniatures worlds are fantastic: I can not remember the first time I imagined a world in miniature, with plastic soldiers in scale 1 / 72 (my favourite).

Much of what I can do, almost everything, I've learned from experience. Not only mine, often of others. And then, in a way that just a "patent" to stop the ideas, I want to take away the exclusivity, I want to contribute, even repeating the experience of others, in order to let ideas circulate.

Too grandiose for a geek / blogger with pretensions to model? Maybe! Meanwhile, many experiences are gained from areas totally different from each other (about the circulation of ideas!). And then, I cannot tell you about Java, Android and monetary policy ... I know nothing about this!

p.s. this blog is the English version of fakotofaktory 

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