Thursday, December 29, 2011

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein

I just want to bully myself with  my  customised Google toolbar.

Let’s be honest: we model, we look for the  modelling technic at Materclass, and then?
Haven’t you ever felt that, in spite of what we are able to do, most of the times we lack of the sparkling light which could lead us to the hearts of the observers?
I have.
Every time that someone, an outsider of the modelling world, looks at my works and asks: “… But… why…?”, and he/she goes on with the strangest questions, I think that my work hasn’t  touched the observer’s heart.
It is true that only a well trained eye can understand and evaluate our models; on the other hand, I think that we have to go over the “Mannerism” and go straight for a message.
I help myself by looking at artistic works, that I find in this fantastic blog: Roba da disegnatori

the original logo of Roba da Disegnatori

The blog is always very nice and updated by three professionals in the industry, certainly competent, very passionate.
Often there are interviews (made ​​from them!) To prominent leaders among illustratorsand many times "retrospective" on the great history of illustration.
Obviously, these designers, I would like to have the technique! Equally, and perhapsmore, their imagination!

Meanwhile, I enjoy the show! Do you too!

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