Contest Manor House: Work in progress 1

I was about another project, before I knew that the contest would be focused on the pieces composing the fortress, and not simply on the pieces in the catalogue.
Looking for an idea, I let myself be influenced by the adventures of Conan the barbarian , that I was reading at the time. Piracy! In my scenery, the tale must be told about someone who has to do with pirates (yes, you must know, as I discovered just recently, that Conan was a pirate very, very often).
Well, I thought about an island, a tiny island, a bit bigger than a rock.
A dock will be he most important place in it: a dock to which a brigantine (or, more likely, a corsaire loop) can be anchored to. Protected by the walls and by the barbican, the ship and its cargo are safe. On the other side, a little harbour for visitors (merchants and bad women). On the upper side, the fort where the Captain and the Master can receive their guests and be comfortable; the canteen for rhum and the ordinary seamen. Up there, a sighiting tower and a lighthouse for friends.
Rumours are referred about a damned hole in the rock, somewhere in the vault, a hole whith so much gold inside, that the gold flows in the sea!

Picture! Just a sketch!

As you can see, there are some red lines; well, these are the elements that are not allowed in the contest, but that will be developed in the future.
My idea was a table 90*90 in four panels. My idea “was”, as I made, later, more precise calculations with Sketchup.

I beg you not to look at the “artistic” side (I’m not very able with 3d design), as you can see!
However, at one side the square with tiny docks. On the other side, the private pirates’ dock, a nice dock to discharge the treasure and, most important of all, two well fortified sides. Guns on the longer side and above the barbican. Through the barbican, a half tower leads to the upper side of the island on which the fort is. There are two towers, one of the same height, the other on the square level. Well, for the moment I don’t know which I have to make first. After that, it’s deep future. Oh, I forgot: 120*120; less than this, there’s no sea! And, shall we deprive pirates of sea?
This won’t be in the Caribbean Sea, but norther; for sure, very far from the Spanish ship course! If you are asking, a middle XVIIth century brigantine could be easily placed in the dock. Fantasy, and rules!

Tools for model-making
I use two squares made of plastic bricks: the bigger goes outside, the smaller inside the piece.
Very useful;

Another important thing (I lost the photos of all the pieces lined up, dismounted on the desk), well designed stages of work! I'm afraid (indeed I am sure) that building following the moment inspiration is a damage: in the picture you see a tower (lower section), under construction (it is glued and partially grouted, greenish stucco which are good, I colored it for you!). 

What is the paper for? To identify which parts I need and where the tower is located (in this case, looking at the reef front right).The towers are made of 2 sections. The lower part is identical for all 4. 2 sides closed, with a low door and 1 side 1 side with high port (each section are 2 floors).The towers are almost always interchangeable. In fact, they do not want to create solid doors; the towers of the fund must have a "high" door through which the first section enters the second floor of the house. So, if for the ones near the barbican little changes, it is important that the ones behind it are simmetric. Or at least it is important for me,because I want to be able to assemble the kit as designed by Lorenzo. I made 4 pieces of paper that I put into the lower section affected by this work. Among other things, I decided the position of the front doors; the side that communicates with the Barbican will have a lower door (it is a cosmetic issue, I admit it!). 
Another trick, this time of Lorenzo, the owner and deus ex machina of the Manorhouse. Do not proceed for similarity (ie all the towers, then all the walls, etc.), but in order of contact: the first tower, then the adjacent wall, then the tower etc.. Why? Simply said: this will better harmonize the construction of the pieces. Until next time! Ah, yes, I forgot: I got here

I hope I have piqued your interest (among other things I realized that this piece was not completely plastered and that therefore 
I should have done the color of the other pieces before! The blue spot is a lens flare, just to give an epic idea ...)

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